they were created sometime after the Dragons. They are an advanced alien empire of insectoids with many breeds. They are cruel and merciless, but to each other they are caring and loving. The Higher-Up Crotonians are controlled by a single brain insect that serves as Queen of the Empire. When a new Queen is needed, she must pass a treacherous mind-game that involves "living" through the memories of the Crotonians' enemies. Their homeworld is full of dome hives and spire towers, which serve as homes. The Queen’s Hive, also called the Queen’s Tower, is the largest spire on the planet and is crawling with guards, male drones and automatic hover-turrets. The dragon empire visited their homeworld and attempted to rule their race, but the Crotonians fought back. When the dragon shipmaster Kyine visited the Crotonian queen to speak negotiations, they both ended up killed and a war had ensued. When the Crotonians found Earth sometime after the Dragons got to it, they created their own Earth Empire and gave it the name Lucerano. The descendants of Lucerano also originate from the lineage of the Romans (just like the Dragons of Antonin/Draconizica).

Lucerano Leaders of the Third DynastyEdit

  • Emperor Valden, the Red Rider of the North: the first ruler of Lucerano, he set up the plan to cleanse the Earth of it’s pests. He started multiple wars with Antonin and Tyto Albia and he never took orders from the Crotonian High Queen (whom chooses to reside in her tower on the homeworld).
  • Empress Sistern the Great: after Valden’s death, Sistern vowed to continue his plans. There were constant wars with Antonin, and in her era she initiated the Thirty-Year Ceasefire.
  • Emperor Holo, the Nekkid Emperor: he ruled the empire for a long time and fathered many offspring. His most “prized” creation is Lucell Ricada, whom he fathered with Empress Anya Fitzgerald during his planet tour.
  • Empress Lucell Ricada: her longtime rivalry with Aaron (and her strong romantic feelings towards him) had caused many wars. When Aaron came to her with a request to unite their empires thorugh marriage of their two children, she couldn’t refuse.

Main Gods and DietiesEdit

  • Junyaku, the Crotonian god of darkness: Born out of political wedlock of Woodry Lucerano and Kimi Antonin, Junyaku is a cross between Crotonian and dragon blood. Living mainly in the sea or in forests, he mostly parades around in his human form, shining cruelty on anyone and anything (when he is in a good mood).
  • Yansake, the Crotonian gods of the air: during the ages of King Arthur and Camelot, the Yansake-Kuruga held religious dominion, pushing Christianity and other religions out of the minds of the masses. The leaders in the Cult of Yansake (known to Camelot's inhabitants as Camelot's Disciples) were, in actuality, android-vampires and the Crotonian Queen's first-borns.
  • Shishi, the Crotonian god of Luck
  • Ranmanthing, the Crotonian god of fire: the only Crotonian banished to the Circles of Hell, the empire rarely sees Ranmanthing as one of their own. They label him a disgrace due to his current situation.

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