The outskirts of the industrial Elf City Thelnoor were seldom visited by tourists
Garbage filled the streets, creating a sickening stench in the air
It was here that the cash-strapped Elves lived, unable to dwell with their rich counterparts
There were no jobs in this area and the clouds of pollution was always ever-present
The Elfs in these poor parts were from the Patrine Place, a group of High elves that mastered the White Technology and used it to construct the city
The Patrine was all but diminished, and the remnants were struggling to reconstruct their former image of glory

The outskirts, known as Thelnoor Badlands, also housed dragons that were once part of the Patrine
The dragons were from the Draconizica Empire and they, too, had mastered a form of technology known as Black Technology
They chose to follow the members that left, even if it meant condemning themselves to a lesser life

The gleaming skyscrapers of the Elf City was a beautiful backdrop amongst a grim, seedy ghetto full of self-constructed house and seemingly degraded residents