A timeline for the events that occur in TSODR.

0000 Edit

an unspecified number of years before the Earth’s birth. During these times, Draconizica had been conquering planets.

Pre 0000 Edit

Many refer to this time as “The Time of the Gods.” Rodderan, Canman, Lementia, Scoupli and The Vessel had their reign within the High Divine alongside the Higher Ones. The Higher Ones are the gods that represent each alien race, old and new.

==1100s: The Ancient’s Era ==

The marriage of Aaron Karrucci & Seraphina, the construction of the Supreme Chalice, Seraphina’s kidnapping by Albion (not to be confused with Albion City).

==1500s: The Ridgewater Era ==

The Reign of Dragons, the Destruction of Camelot, the Formation of Reesh-Laham and Chance Karrucci’s kidnapping.

==2000: The Time When Dragons Cry ==

The Carver Dan virus, also called the Misery virus. Ashuton built this small town three years after he met Narcissus Cartwright. They conceived six children in the city, the last became infected with the virus.

===2030s: The Rage of Dragons ===

The Dragons become enraged at humanity’s actions towards them and initiate a war, in which humanity is ultimately devastated. Soon after, the dragons decide to initiate what they do best: build. They begin building their towers and structures above human cities. In this era, famed cities like Lindendale were constructed and androids began to favor Crotonians. The Restoration of Humanity was initiated and humans were allowed back into their cities. The dragons signed a peace treaty with various leaders. Attempts at destroying dragon-made structures were futile. Rome was the first city that became subject to the formation of the new city. During this time, both Ashuton and Narcissus started showing symptoms of Realization (evident in the story Towers).

==3004: The Child Displaced ==

Ashuton’s children, dragon shifters born from Narcissus, become the target of the Purist Dragons, a group of racial purists within the Draconizica empire. With beloved androids Skyline and Tosh under their corrupted power, the purists disguise themselves as a small fleet from Draconizica and impersonate many important people that belong to the empire (such as Hewett, whom should have died on Mars) and they impersonated world leaders. With the power of disguise, they misinform the Earth’s militaries that Ashuton will wage a genocidal war on all of their species and that his children were prime targets for experimentation. Operation Dragon King was put into effect. Military teams from Italy, Japan, China and America were unknowingly walking to their death beds.

===3025: The Unrelinquished Future ===

Narcissus becomes Ashuton’s only concern as things begin to ease. Narcissus makes Fin Karrucci her Amolita Queen, a carrier for Quentin Owl’s famed Recalcitrant virus.

Year XXXXX:Edit

An unknown date, Ashuton will temporarily give up his rights to the throne after an unexpected disaster. Following these events is Josh Mackenzie’s entrance into the Tar’ken zone, which sets forth the appearance of an unknown enemy whom sacrificed his human form to a volcano.